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Colour Pop Customised Name Necklace

Colour Pop Customised Name Necklace

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"A blast of colour for your beautiful name!

Customised name necklaces are now available in a mirror shine combination of glossy green, blue, black, hot pink and light pink, red, purple, silver and golden!

Available in adjustable sizes for adults and kids !!

Choose your deisgn and age from the below options!

1.Glossy black name 'Keisha' against a silver background
2.Glossy Hot Pink name 'Merissa' against a black background with a silver star
3.Glossy green name 'Zaylynn' with a small red heart
4.Glossy purple name 'Thanya' with a silver diamond
5.Glossy golden name 'Jhanvi' with a red hashtag and a big pink heart
6. Glossy Blue name 'Michelle' with a pink infinity sign (meaning forever!)
7. Glossy red name 'Priya' (one solid colour)
8. Glossy Silver name 'Esther' with a red hashtag
9.Glossy purple name 'Zieva' with a pink big heart against a white background
10. Hot pink name 'Deepika' with a yellow crown

11.Light pink name 'Deepika'

Making time- 3-7 days

Care Instructions

Your jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a reflection of your style and personality. To ensure your treasured pieces maintain their beauty, proper care and maintenance is the key. Keep water, perfumes and other sprays, harsh chemicals and lotions away from your Jewellery. Also store and transport your Jewellery in a Jewellery Box

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